Response to COVID 19 pandemic


26th – 27th September 2020

We are continuing to monitor the situation and recommendations from the Dept. of Health regarding group meetings and travel restrictions. Regardless of the status of restrictions and whether or not the event is held in-house, the lectures will also be delivered online.

What are we doing this year?

Organising in-house event (if restrictions ease)

Organising a LIVE ONLINE event regardless of the restrictions

Recording all lectures and Q&A sessions

All participants will have access to

1.Lecture ppt slides and > 150 MCQs with answers (online access)

2.Recorded lecture and Q&A session with 6 MONTHs access!

3.Weekly set of MCQs with detailed answers (These will be sent via email, 4 weeks prior to programme start date)


About the Course

The Revise Nephrology course is aimed at providing a comprehensive understanding of renal medicine including dialysis and transplantation. While common conditions in various medical sub-specialties are relatively well understood for e.g. CCF and ACS in Cardiology, COPD and respiratory failure in Respiratory Medicine or cirrhosis in Gastroenterology etc., many of the common cases one comes across in Nephrology e.g. work up of acute kidney injury, differential diagnosis of glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome and the various renal tubular acidosis are not well understood.

The aim of this course is to create a platform on which renal topics which are of interest from a professional and examination point of view will be discussed in a comprehensive and easy language. Lectures will be backed by topic-wise multiple choice questions with discussions around them. It is hoped that the course will help in preparation for fellowship exams but also more importantly help equip trainees, including interns and residents who intend to enter Basic Physician Training with improved knowledge and a practical approach to renal management.